Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How is your data compiled?

Our data is compiled from a number of sources. Some of these sources include Yellow and White Page Directories, Public Records, State Realtor Boards, Phone Directories, Internet Listings, Web Forms, Federal State & City Government Records and more. Through these sources we provide our clients the most comprehensive data available.
 2. How often are your databases updated and do you provide a discount for updates?
 On average our databases are updated 2-3 times a year. We do provide a discount for all updates to our data. If you purchase a list/database from us, you will be notified by email when an update is available. Updates are usually $49-$99 depending on the amount of new data.
3. How are your prices so much lower than other providers?
 We specialize in selling data in bulk packages at discounted prices. We keep our companies expenses to a minimum and that allows us to offer all of our data at affordable prices.
 4. How will I get my lists after I make payment?
 All of our data can be downloaded instantly online once a purchase is made. Once you have made payment online, you will be given the links for download. We also send out a CD/DVD to you through the mail, so you will have a hard copy.
  5. What format are your databases in?
 Our databases can come in 3 file types depending on the size. File types: .txt (Notepad), .csv & .xls (Microsoft Excel), and .mdb (Microsoft Access). All of these file types can be easily imported to your contact management system. If you are having trouble importing our data into your contact management system or email software feel free to contact us for help at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
6. How can I pay for my databases?
 You can purchase our databases and checkout using our online website. We accept payments through all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX). We also accept payment through Western Union, Check or Money Order.
7. Is it legal to send email to the lists and what about the CAN-SPAM Act?
 When sending emails out you need to make sure you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. For more on the CAN-SPAM Act please visit:  
 8. Can I resell the lists?
 No. You may not resell our lists or databases. If you would like full resell rights with a list please contact us.
 9. What type of databases do you specialize in?
 The Data Supplier specializes in large Bulk Email Lists, Targeted Email List, Business Mailing Lists, Consumer Email Lists, Niche E-Mail Lists, and Custom Email Address Lists and Databases.
10. How can I contact you if I need help?
 You can contact us:
By Phone: 888-930-DATA (3282)
 Online Live Chat: Use the "Live Chat" Link on the top right of our website.
 11. Are your email addresses Opt-in?
 All of our email addresses are CAN-SPAM compliant, Non-Harvested Emails. We capture email records from consumers and business professionals that fill out web forms online, all of the websites we capture information on contain privacy policy's which allow for third party marketing.
  12. I am having difficulty downloading my list, what can I do?
 Unlike other companies that charge for help once you have made a purchase, all of our databases come with full customer support. Please Contact Us if you are having any trouble downloading your lists or importing/exporting them to different formats.
 13. If I purchase a 1 State List can I have a credit towards the full Nationwide List later?
Yes. If you purchase a Realtor 1 State list or any other state lists from us, the price you paid can be credited towards the nationwide list.
14. Is payment through your site secure?
Yes, all credit card information entered on our site is sent through a secure connection, using 128-bit encryption.
15. Do you have any other databases available or just whats here on the website?
On our website we have pre-packaged sets of data. We have many more databases available than what you see on our website. We also specialize in custom databases by geographical location, SIC Code, Select Interests, etc. If you don't see what you need on the website, please contact us by email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Here is a list of some of the other databases we have available:
Consumer Lists:
Australia Detail Consumer Database with Emails 24,707 records
Japan Detail Consumer with Emails 12733 records
UK Detail Consumer with Emails 30,778 records
US Detail Consumer with Emails 61,474,207 records
Automobile Owners with Vin Number 10 Million records with 300,000 Emails
Consumer with Credit Score 15,799,254 records with Emails
Consumer with Loan Amount and Mortgage Lender Info 14,858,996 records
Credit Repair Database 2,142,031 records
Mortgage Leads with Emails 2,124,776 records
Spain Consumer Database 2,134,214 records
Cell Phone Database 9 Million Records
US Cell Phone Database 5,446,502 records
US Optin Consumer with Email more than 100 million records
Cell Phone Database 9 Million Records
Germany Consumer 350,000 records with Emails
US 3G Cell Phone Database 1,487,422 records
US 2G Cell Phone Database 8,462,492 records
US Boat Owner Database 3 million records with email
US Aged Mortgage 2005-2008 8 Million Records with Email
US 2008 Detail Life Insurance Leads 142,00 records with Email
US Hispanic Cell Phone Database with Email 433,133 records
US Smoker Database 355,519 records Email only
US Timeshare Database 7,031,722 records
UK Consumer Optin Database 59,467 records with Email
UK Consumer Database 178,851 records with Emails
UK Consumer Optin Database 2,462,121 records with Emails
UK Consumer Database 880,000 records with Emails
UK Debt Database 63,566 records
Canadian Consumer Email only 2.7 million records
US Cell Phone Database 40 Million records
US 2008 Detail Life Insurance Leads 1.09 Million records with Email
UK Cell Phone only Database 60,000 records
US Detail Boats, Vessels Owners Database 433,500 records
UK Consumer Database 13 Million Records
USA Cleaned Cell Phone Database 60 Million Records
Business Lists:
Accountant, CPA, Bookkeeper Database with Emails 18,120 records
America Industrial Directory 536,797 records
Argentina Contact Names with Emails 19,903 records
Australia Detail Business Database 1,091090 records with 13,263 Emails
Australia Detail Company Profile 30499 records
Australian Exporter Database 7406 records
Austria Business Database with Emails 178,880 records
Auto, Motor & Car Dealers Database with Emails 43,659 records
Beauty Professionals Database with Emails 13,582 records
Belgium Business Database with Emails 150,022 records
Brazil Contact Names with Emails 19,276 records
Builders & Contractors Database with Emails 42,521 records
Builders and Construction Business Database with Emails 42521 records
Business Oppotunity Seekers 930,000 records with emails
Cadada Company Profiles 52,987 records with 40,913 Company Emails with
California High-Tech Company Database 30,045 records with 15,137 Emails
Canada Business Database with Emails 570,720 records
Canada Contact Names with Emails 74,896 records
Canada Detail Business 85,183 records with 37,130 Emails
Canadian Associations 10,442 records with 7,305 emails
CEO Database 2,752,149 records with 909,955 Emails
CEO Level 2,752,148 records with 909,955 Emails
China Business Database 233,132 records with 6,800 Emails
China Contact Names with Emails 65,930 records
China Detail Business Database 50,654 records with 776 Emails
Christian Church & Ministry Database with Emails 72,021 records
Colombia Business Database 213,467 records
Colombia Business Database 300,749 records with 37,761 Emails
Colombia Contact Name with Emails 6,167 records
Cruise, Travel & Vacation Professionals with Emails 36,230 records
Denmark Business Database with Emails 62,598 records
Dentists Database 141,762 records with 28,800 emails
Domain Owners 2.6 Million with Emails
Email Addresses and Web Sites by Categories 532,596 records
Engineers Database with Emails 18,921 records
European Detail Executive Database with Emails 240,651 records
Finance & Money Professionals Database with Emails 116,568 records
Food & Restaurant Database with Emails 27758 records
France Business Database with Emails 206,034 records
Franchises List Database 18,970 records with 1278 Director Contact Info
Germany Business Database with Emails 613,711 records
Health & Wellness Professionals Database with Emails 77,637 records
Hong Kong Detail Business Database 36,117 records with 30,349 Emails
Hotel Database 7207 records with 7170 Emails
India Businesses Database 95,097 records with 3,648 Emails
India Contact Names with Emails 71,075 records
India Detail Business Database 30,940 records
Indonesia Contact Names with Emails 29,425 records
Insurance Agents & Brokers Database with Emails 36,991 records
International Biggest Company Database with Emails 345,110 records
Internet Pay-Per-Click Advertisers 106,564 records with 10,199 Emails
Stock Investors List with Email 1,073,942 records
IT Professionals Database with Emails 120,486 records
Italy Business Database with Emails 180,562 records
Japan Businesses Database 186,594 records with 15,441 Emails
Japan Contact Names with Emails 157,608 records
Macedonia Business Database 19,632 records.csv
Malasya Contact Names with Emails 12,124 records
Marketing Executive Database with Emails 59,161 records
Marketing Executives Database with Emails 33,784 Records
Media Detail Company Info 67,859 records with 44,905 Emails
Media Industry Database 380,313 records with 344,013 direct email
Mexico Businesses Database 253,690 records with 3,623 Emails
Mexico Contact Names with Emails 19,407 records
Mortgage brokers with emails 49,847 records
Netherlands Business Database with Emails 240,964 records
New Laywer Dtabase 400,000 records with 220,000 email
New Zealand Detail Business Database 127,013 records
North America Business Database 58,995 records with 10,924 Emails
Norway Business Database with Emails 54,393 records
Peru Business Database 19,449 records with 1,955 Emails
Peru Contact Names with Emails 3,081 records
Philippines Contact Names with Emails 3,025 records
Physicians Database 726,000 records with 20381 emails
Singapore Businesses Database 166,222 records with 51,672 Emails
South Korea Contact Names with Emails 163,437 records
Spain Business Database with Emails 130,324 records
Sweden Business Database with Emails 43,546 records
Switzerland Business Database with Emails 204,758 records
Switzerland Detail Business Database 12,437 records with 9619 Emails
Taiwan Business Database 28,345 records with 7,537 Emails
Thailand Contact Names with Emails 19,995 records
Thailand Contact Names with Emails 19,995 records
UK Business Database with Emails 407,245 records
UK Detail Business Database 1,680,935 records
UK Detail Company Profile 352,469 records
USA and Canada Detail Advertising Company 26,361 records with 16,150 Em
USA and Canada Detail Publishing Company Database 12,588 records with 7
USA and Canada Nurses Database 14,674 records with 9515 Direct Emails
USA Biggest Company with Emails 326,854 records
USA Business with Detail Website Info 1,382,068 records
USA Business with Duns number 10.8 Million records
USA Businesses with Emails 1,189,753 records (taken from 32 million wor
USA Contact Names with Emails 6,713,189 records
USA Detail Associations Business Database 34,623 records with 26,869 Em
USA Detail Brewery Database 4,376 records with 880 Emails
USA Detail Company Profile 338,131 records
USA Detail Hospital Database 11,419 records
USA Detail Lawfirms 48,019 records with 43,250 Emails
USA Detail Lawyers 269,787 records with 235,244 Emails
USA Detail Real Estate Agents 1,128,221 records with 617,567 Emails
USA Ethnic-Owned Business Database 177,116 records
USA Industrial Contact Database 275,183 records
USA Manufacturers Database 1,057,119 with 476,509 Emails
USA New Realtors Database 1,323,639 with 1,118,600 Emails
USA Realtors Database 1,444,574 with 1,140,364 Emails
USA Shopping Mall Executive Database 27,016 records with 18,085 Direct
Vietnam Detail Business Database 51,172 records with 23,825 Emails
World News and Media Company Database 57,660 records with 38,460 Emails
World Scientists Database 21,566 records with 15,203 Direct Emails
WorldWide Business Database 31 Million Records with 3 Million Emails
Worldwide Contact Name with Emails 2.8 Million records
Canada Detail Company Profiles 40,000 Companies with 250,000 Executives
Swiss Detail Companies Profiles 12,437 with 9619 Direct Executives Emails.csv
US Detail Sales & Marketing Executives 37,560 records with Direct Executives Emails
US Detail Stock Brokers Database 92,537 records with Direct Emails
US C-level Executives 5000 records with Direct Emails
US Detail IT Executives Dtabase 25,000 records with Direct Emails
US Detail Marketing Executives Dtabase 25,000 records with Direct Emails
Canadian Trade Index Companies 30,000 records with 12,304 Emails
Worldwide Detail Companies 210,000 records with Emails 86,545
US New Business Database 12.8 Million records
US New Business Database 4.8 Million records with Emails
US Physician Database 3 Million records with over 700,000 Fax
Financial Planners 148,857 records with Email
US Lawyer 56,000 records with Emails
Worldwide Business Executives Database over 60,000 records with Emails
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